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The Secret To An Undefeated Life

The Enemy is laughing at me as I write this post. I can hear his sneering voice in my head. “Who are you to be writing about the undefeated life,” he taunts, “when your life has been nothing but defeat lately?” He’s right, you know. Some days, I feel like I come up pretty short. […]

Finding The Divine In Our Disappointment

I sniffle more loudly than I intended, and reach for the packet of Kleenex beside me. The woman sitting across from me turns at the sound, and as she glances at me, I notice the conference nametag affixed to her jacket. I self-consciously finger my own shoulder, where an invisible nametag bears the name “Failure.” […]

The Change That Changes Everything

Twenty years after I first begged my parents for a horse, a photo shoot at a local horse camp promised to satisfy my deepest childhood yearnings. Instead, it left me longing for something much greater than campfires and cowgirl boots. It was a chilly Monday morning, and the world lay buried under a blanket of […]